AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-04-26Update kernel to 6.2.13-1Simão Gomes Viana
2023-04-21Update kernel to 6.2.12-1Simão Gomes Viana
2023-04-13Update kernel to 6.2.11-1Simão Gomes Viana
2023-04-09Update kernel to 6.2.10-1Simão Gomes Viana
2023-03-31Update kernel to 6.2.9-1Simão Gomes Viana
2023-03-26Update kernel to 6.2.8-1Simão Gomes Viana
2023-03-25Add header dependenciesSimão Gomes Viana
2023-03-17Update kernel to 6.2.7-1Simão Gomes Viana
2023-03-14Update kernel to 6.2.6-2Simão Gomes Viana
2023-03-14Update kernel to 6.2.6-1Simão Gomes Viana
2023-03-11Update kernel to 6.2.5-1Simão Gomes Viana
2023-03-04Update kernel to 6.2.2-2Simão Gomes Viana
2023-02-25Update kernel to 6.2.1-1Simão Gomes Viana
2023-02-22Update kernel to 6.2.0-1Simão Gomes Viana
2023-02-15Update kernel to 6.1.12-1Simão Gomes Viana
2023-02-09Update kernel to 6.1.11-1Simão Gomes Viana
2023-02-06Update kernel to 6.1.10-1Simão Gomes Viana
2023-02-01Update kernel to 6.1.9-1Simão Gomes Viana
2023-01-24Update kernel to 6.1.8-1Simão Gomes Viana
2023-01-20Update kernel to 6.1.7-2Simão Gomes Viana
2023-01-20Update descriptionSimão Gomes Viana
2023-01-20Add -Wno-strict-prototypesSimão Gomes Viana
2023-01-20require at least llvm 14Simão Gomes Viana
2023-01-18Update kernel to 6.1.7-1Simão Gomes Viana
2023-01-14Update kernel to 6.1.6-1Simão Gomes Viana
2023-01-13Update kernel to 6.1.5-1Simão Gomes Viana
2023-01-07Update kernel to 6.1.4-1Simão Gomes Viana
2023-01-04Update kernel to 6.1.3-2Simão Gomes Viana
2023-01-04Update kernel to 6.1.3-1Simão Gomes Viana
2023-01-01Update kernel to 6.1.2-1Simão Gomes Viana
2022-12-22Update kernel to 6.1.1-1Simão Gomes Viana
2022-12-20Update kernel to 6.1.0-3Simão Gomes Viana
2022-12-20Add lzop to makedepends (thanks Technetium1)Simão Gomes Viana
2022-12-14Update kernel to 6.1.0-2Simão Gomes Viana
2022-12-14Update compilersSimão Gomes Viana
2022-12-08Update kernel to 6.0.12-1Simão Gomes Viana
2022-12-05Update kernel to 6.0.11-2Simão Gomes Viana
2022-11-26Update kernel to 6.0.10-1Simão Gomes Viana
2022-11-17Update kernel to 6.0.9-2Simão Gomes Viana
2022-11-17Update kernel to 6.0.9-1N0m4n904
2022-11-13Update kernel to 6.0.8-1Simão Gomes Viana
2022-11-03Update kernel to 6.0.7-1N0m4n904
2022-10-29Update kernel to 6.0.6-1N0m4n904
2022-10-26Update kernel to 6.0.5-1N0m4n904
2022-10-21Update kernel to 6.0.3-1N0m4n904
2022-10-15Update kernel to 6.0.2-1N0m4n904
2022-10-12Update kernel to 6.0.1-1N0m4n904
2022-10-06Update kernel to 6.0.0-9Simão Gomes Viana
2022-10-06Update kernel to 6.0.0-7Simão Gomes Viana
2022-10-06Update kernel to 6.0.0-6Simão Gomes Viana