AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-21Install vmlinux.hPiotr Gorski
2024-01-16Sync with Arch LinuxPiotr Gorski
2024-01-15Fix sourcesPiotr Gorski
2024-01-11Update makedependsPiotr Gorski
2024-01-11Drop _disable_debugPiotr Gorski
2024-01-11Update PKKGBUILDPiotr Gorski
2023-12-08Update optdependPeter Jung
2023-12-08Update optdependPeter Jung
2023-12-08Remove example schedulers, provided by scxPeter Jung
2023-10-16Sync with ArchPiotr Gorski
2023-10-14update dependsPeter Jung
2023-10-14Build Schedulers with makepkgPeter Jung
2023-07-04Sync with ArchPiotr Gorski
2023-07-03Use zstd -19 for module compression and fix pkgverPiotr Gorski
2023-05-20sched_ext: Inital pushPeter Jung