AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 daysUpdate uksm.patchMike Yuan
12 days5.9.9Mike Yuan
2020-11-155.9.8Mike Yuan
2020-11-075.9.6-2Mike Yuan
2020-11-075.9.6Mike Yuan
2020-10-305.9.2Mike Yuan
2020-10-18Update URL of asus-n-key-keyboard.patchMike Yuan
2020-10-185.9.1.zen2Mike Yuan
2020-10-175.9.1Mike Yuan
2020-10-165.9Mike Yuan
2020-10-08Update i8042.patchMike Yuan
2020-10-085.8.14Mike Yuan
2020-10-03Fix typoMike Yuan
2020-10-035.8.13-2Mike Yuan
2020-10-025.8.13Mike Yuan
2020-10-02updpkgsumsMike Yuan
2020-09-30Update i8042.patchMike Yuan
2020-09-305.8.12Mike Yuan
2020-09-205.8.10Mike Yuan
2020-09-125.8.8Mike Yuan
2020-09-08Update asus-n-key-keyboard.patchMike Yuan
2020-09-06Merge branch 'testing' into masterMike Yuan
2020-09-065.8.7Mike Yuan
2020-09-06Merge pull request #5 from YHNdnzj/testingMike Yuan
2020-09-045.8.6Mike Yuan
2020-09-02Update patch linkMike Yuan
2020-08-29Merge pull request #4 from YHNdnzj/testingMike Yuan
2020-08-285.8.5Mike Yuan
2020-08-28Merge pull request #3 from YHNdnzj/testingMike Yuan
2020-08-275.8.4Mike Yuan
2020-08-23Update .SRCINFOMike Yuan
2020-08-23Use determined configMike Yuan
2020-08-235.8.3Mike Yuan
2020-08-235.8.1Mike Yuan
2020-08-23Use sources from remoteMike Yuan
2020-08-23Add more modelsMike Yuan
2020-08-23Enable MEM_SOFT_DIRTY and USERFAULTFDMike Yuan
2020-08-23Add patch for AMDGPU backlightMike Yuan
2020-08-23Add UKSM patchMike Yuan
2020-08-235.8Mike Yuan
2020-08-235.7.12Mike Yuan
2020-08-23Remove amdgpu.patchMike Yuan
2020-08-235.7.11Mike Yuan
2020-08-23Fix typoMike Yuan
2020-08-23Fix typoMike Yuan
2020-08-23updpkgsumsMike Yuan
2020-08-23Initial commit for 5.7.10Mike Yuan