AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-07-16python2-imaging was replaced by python2-pillow.Peter Ivanov
2023-07-14Changing PKGEXT was removed. License was fixed. Dependency of libusb was added.Peter Ivanov
2022-12-02bwidget was added twice, removed the last one...Peter Ivanov
2022-12-02bwidget was added as dependency.Peter Ivanov
2022-03-26GitHub URL was fixed. GitHub authentication error was solved.Peter Ivanov
2022-02-26Dependency of python2-gobject2, boost-python2 and boost-python2-libs were added.Peter Ivanov
2020-10-18Release was increased.Peter Ivanov
2020-10-18Reverted to version 2.7.15Peter Ivanov
2020-10-18Python script patching was fixed.Peter Ivanov
2020-10-13Adapted to version 2.8.0. Linker error was fixed...Peter Ivanov
2020-02-02Dependency was added: python2-yapps2Peter Ivanov
2018-11-15Fix Dependencies and cleaned PKGBUILDGonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-11-13Updated to 2.7.14Gonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-11-13Up revision numberGonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-11-07Release was increased.Peter Ivanov
2018-11-07It can be compiled again.Peter Ivanov
2018-07-02Solve tcl dependency issueGonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-07-02remove debug codeGonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-03-04Updated to version 2.7.12Peter Ivanov
2017-09-23Updated to v2.7.11.Peter Ivanov
2017-09-23Address of git repo was changed.Peter Ivanov
2017-03-30Fall back to version 2.7.8Peter Ivanov
2016-11-23Can be compiled, installed, but cannot run.Peter Ivanov
2016-05-29Can be compiled with 20160527Peter Ivanov
2016-04-23Patch of image-to-gcode was added.Peter Ivanov
2016-04-15Checked if it can be compiled.Peter Ivanov
2015-11-28Changed to use boost.Peter Ivanov
2015-09-12Another python interpreter fix was added.Peter Ivanov
2015-07-09Package compression was disabled to save some time.Peter Ivanov
2015-07-03git pre-commit hook was added.Peter Ivanov
2015-06-23Initial importPeter Ivanov