AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-03-08Update to v4.7.1Moses Miller
2021-04-19Update for version 4.2Moses Miller
2021-03-31Bump version to 4.1Moses Miller
2021-03-24Bump version to 4.0Moses Miller
2021-01-12fix sumsMads Kjeldgaard
2020-12-09upd pkgrel for 3.2Mads Kjeldgaard
2020-12-09update sums to 3.2Mads Kjeldgaard
2020-12-053.2Mads Kjeldgaard
2020-11-08Correct release versionmads kjeldgaard
2020-11-08Update paths for upstream url changemads kjeldgaard
2020-11-06update sumsmads kjeldgaard
2020-11-06update sumsmads kjeldgaard
2020-10-293.15mads kjeldgaard
2020-09-26update group and correct conflict infomads kjeldgaard
2020-09-26first commitmads kjeldgaard