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2024-06-25File `HISTORY` has been changed to `` in the repository. Taking c...git user
2024-06-25Upstream version update.git user
2024-05-27Upstream version update.git user
2024-05-08Fixed documentation installation directory from `gr-lora` to `liquid-dsp`.git user
2024-05-08Fixed PKGBUILD, version bump.git user
2018-05-20Add liquid-dsp to conflicts and update versionRicardo Vieira
2016-06-06Change license string to MITRicardo Vieira
2016-06-04Add armv7h and i686 to the arch arrayRicardo Vieira
2016-02-19Change pkgver function to the recomended in the wikiRicardo Vieira
2015-08-02Initial commitRicardo Vieira