AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-04-04feature: Update to 3.0.6Rene Schmidt
2024-03-28feature: added build scriptsRene Schmidt
2024-03-28feature: Update to 3.0.5Rene Schmidt
2024-03-28feature: Update to 3.0.5Rene Schmidt
2024-03-12feature: Update to 3.0.4Rene Schmidt
2023-08-02feature: Update to 2.8.12Rene
2023-06-28feature: Update to 2.8.11Rene
2023-05-01feature: Update to 2.8.10Rene
2023-03-23feature: Update to 2.8.9Rene
2022-12-25feature: Update to 2.8.7Rene
2022-06-16feature: Update to 2.6.19Rene
2022-04-15feature: Update to 2.6.18Rene
2021-10-18feature: Update to 2.6.17Rene
2021-08-14feature: Update to 2.6.16Rene
2021-07-27feature: Update to 2.6.15Rene
2021-07-12feature: Update to 2.6.14Rene
2021-06-30feature: updated gitignoreRene
2021-06-30feature: added gitignoreRene
2021-06-30feature: updated .SRCIFORene
2021-06-23feature: updated maintainerRene
2021-06-23Update to 2.6.13Rene
2021-03-30Updated to 2.6.11Dustin Childers
2021-03-04Updated to 2.6.10Dustin Childers
2021-02-22Updated to 2.6.9Dustin Childers
2021-02-21Updated to 2.6.8Dustin Childers
2021-01-29Initial PKGBUILD for Little Navmap 2.6.7Dustin Childers