AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-12Replace jack dependency with jack2Angelo Theodorou
2020-11-11Update to 3.2.0Angelo Theodorou
2019-09-08Update to 3.0.2Angelo Theodorou
2019-08-18Update to 3.0.1Angelo Theodorou
2019-08-08Update to 3.0.0Angelo Theodorou
2019-01-09Update to 2.10.2Angelo Theodorou
2019-01-03Update to 2.10.1Angelo Theodorou
2018-07-14Add libtirpc to the dependencies arrayAngelo Theodorou
2018-03-21Remove the PKG_CONFIG_PATH variable for ffmpeg2.8Angelo Theodorou
2018-03-21Update to 2.8.9Angelo Theodorou
2018-03-15Update to 2.8.8Angelo Theodorou
2017-07-07Update to 2.8.7Angelo Theodorou
2017-06-07Update to 2.8.6Angelo Theodorou
2017-01-21Update to 2.8.4Angelo Theodorou
2017-01-02Remove again the patch to disable toonzAngelo Theodorou
2017-01-02Update to 2.8.3Angelo Theodorou
2016-11-20Add again a patch to disable toonzAngelo Theodorou
2016-11-05Update to 2.8.1Angelo Theodorou
2016-09-08Update to 2.8.0Angelo Theodorou
2016-08-14Update to 2.6.5Angelo Theodorou
2016-07-06Remove deprecated options and commands from PKGBUILDAngelo Theodorou
2016-07-04Update .SRCINFO for version 2.6.3Angelo Theodorou
2016-07-04Update to 2.6.3Angelo Theodorou
2016-02-13Update to 2.6.0Angelo Theodorou
2016-01-30Update to 2.4.8Angelo Theodorou
2015-12-23Update to 2.4.6Angelo Theodorou
2015-12-13Update to 2.4.5Angelo Theodorou
2015-11-24Update to 2.4.4Angelo Theodorou
2015-11-21Update the .SRCINFO metadata fileAngelo Theodorou
2015-11-21Update to 2.4.3Angelo Theodorou
2015-09-13Updated to version 2.4.2Angelo Theodorou
2015-08-23Update to 2.4.1Angelo Theodorou
2015-07-07Initial importAngelo Theodorou