AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-12-06lkrg-dkms: Install the systemd unit in /usr/lib/systemd/systemRemi Gacogne
2023-12-06lkrg-dkms: Add systemd unit and default configuration fileRemi Gacogne
2023-09-14lkrg-dkms: Update to 0.9.7Remi Gacogne
2022-12-14lkrg-dkms: Update to 0.9.6Remi Gacogne
2022-08-02lkrg-dkms: Update to 0.9.5Remi Gacogne
2022-07-29lkrg-dkms: Update to 0.9.4Remi Gacogne
2022-04-21lkrg-dkms: Update to 0.9.3Remi Gacogne
2021-12-29lkrg-dkms: Update to 0.9.2Remi Gacogne
2021-04-28lkrg-dkms: Update to 0.9.1Remi Gacogne
2021-04-13lkrg-dkms: Update to 0.9.0Remi Gacogne
2020-12-31lkrg-dkms: Fix compilation with kernels >= 5.10Remi Gacogne
2020-10-28lkrg-dkms: Fix compilation with kernels >= 5.9Remi Gacogne
2020-10-04lkrg-dkms: Name patches, edit dkms.conf in prepare()Remi Gacogne
2020-08-18lkrg-dkms: Fix compilation with kernels >= 5.8Remi Gacogne
2020-07-08lkrg-dkms: Update to 0.8.1Remi Gacogne
2020-06-26lkrg-dkms: Update to 0.8Remi Gacogne
2020-04-21lkrg-dkms: Fix compilation with kernels >= 5.6Remi Gacogne
2020-03-24lkrg-dkms: Fix compilation for a non-running kernel (upgrade)Remi Gacogne
2020-03-16lkrg-dkms: Initial versionRemi Gacogne