AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-14update to 42-1 (git version v42-0-gdbf07cf)Florian Stecker
2023-11-11make libmupdf a dependencyFlorian Stecker
2023-11-08update + remove patch since changes are upstreamFlorian Stecker
2023-09-29make llpp work with new ocaml and mupdf versionsFlorian Stecker
2023-01-02fixSagnik Mandal
2022-11-11fixSagnik Mandal
2022-11-11v40 update to mupdf 1.21Sagnik Mandal
2022-09-20UPdate to fixed versionSagnik Mandal
2022-09-18fixSagnik Mandal
2022-09-18Fix hashSagnik Mandal
2022-09-18Fix patchSagnik Mandal
2022-09-18Update SRCINFOSagnik Mandal
2022-09-18Add myself as maintainerSagnik Mandal
2022-09-18Update Upstream URLSagnik Mandal
2022-09-18Link to mirrorSagnik Mandal
2022-05-14Move package back to the AURDaniel M. Capella
2018-04-23Add inotify-tools as optdep and update.aksr
2018-04-17Fix build.aksr
2017-02-16Update to 6572184 (thanks menta).aksr
2016-05-18add libgl dependencydrrossum
2016-05-13dropped llpp.install file. pacman now has hooksdrrossum
2016-05-13added missing mesa dependencydrrossum
2016-05-13added two missing dependenciesdrrossum
2016-05-13update to work with libmupdf 1.9drrossum
2015-11-23install llppac scriptdrrossum
2015-11-04update dependenciesdrrossum
2015-10-30update dependenciesdrrossum
2015-10-29update dependenciesdrrossum
2015-10-29update .SRCINFOdrrossum
2015-10-29update to version 22. Use instead of ninjadrrossum
2015-06-18initial importDaniel R. van Rossum