AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-12-09Use sphinx with python3ice-phoenix
2016-12-09Update .srcinfoice-phoenix
2016-12-09Add python2-requestsice-phoenix
2016-01-29Another forgotten thing...Marat Kh. Akhin
2016-01-28Fixed PKGBUILD and .SRCINFOMarat Kh. Akhin
2016-01-28Forgotten PKGBUILD + .SRCINFOMarat Kh. Akhin
2016-01-28Forgotten .SRCINFOMarat Kh. Akhin
2016-01-28Installing to /opt/clang/3.5.1 and do NOT provide Clang/LLVM stuff to support...Marat Kh. Akhin
2015-12-14Upped pkg versionMarat Kh. Akhin
2015-12-14Adapted to latest build environmentMarat Kh. Akhin
2015-07-01Initial commitMarat Kh. Akhin