AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-01-31Temporary workaround for ocaml-html directory issue.Reza Jahanbakhshi
Added -D LLVM_LIT_ARGS=--ignore-fail to build and run the tests but don't fail the package build in case of test errors.
2021-12-14Bumped _py version to 3.10Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-11-01Added python-psutils to checkdepends and lua dependency changed to lua53Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-08-16added llvm to providesLone_Wolf
2021-06-23PKGBUILD updated to address the new analyze-{cc,c++} and intercept-{cc,c++} ↵Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-05-11Removed unnecessary local scheme from the llvm-config.h in the PKGBUILD.Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-04-07upstream reverted llvm-shlib: Create object libraries for each component, ↵Lone_Wolf
patch removed
2021-04-05minor changes + revert upstream commit ↵Lone_Wolf
43ceb74eb1a5801662419fb66a6bf0d5414f1ec5 as it breaks build, see also
2021-03-25Changed install -Dm644 polly/LICENSE.txt to install -Dm644 polly/LICENSE.TXT ↵Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-02-16corrected llvm-libs-git so it conflicts with llvm-libs againLone_Wolf
2021-01-27Updated maintainer list.Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-01-22building documentation fails without 2 new depedenciesLone_Wolf
2020-12-06updated for python 3.9Lone_Wolf
2020-10-25no longer remove parts of sourcecode, re-added lldLone_Wolf
2020-10-23no longer building lldLone_Wolf
2020-08-07removed LLVM_POLLY_LINK_INTO_TOOLS as cmake option so llvm uses default ↵Lone_Wolf
value for it
2020-06-08changed check() function so it does not build all tests, also adjusted ↵Lone_Wolf
PKGBUILD for changes in archlinux cmake packaging, see
2020-04-21moved libremarks to libs to stay closer to llvm10Lone_Wolf
2020-04-20small correctionsLone_Wolf
2020-04-16z3 needs to be makedepend & depend, correctedLone_Wolf
2020-04-15moved z3 to dependsLone_Wolf
2020-04-15added ocl-icd & opencl-headers to makedependsLone_Wolf
2020-04-15added z3 and lua to makedependsLone_Wolf
2020-04-15force polly to be build as dynamic libraryLone_Wolf
2020-04-01removed versions from providesLone_Wolf
2020-03-30remove version dependency for ocamlLone_Wolf
2020-03-30removed no longer used patchLone_Wolf
2020-03-20changed cmake options to get tests building during check() instead of build()Lone_Wolf
2020-03-05no longer need to set cmake policy 00075, removedLone_Wolf
2020-03-04re-enabled lldb tests, switched to system provided python-sixLone_Wolf
2020-03-03added new checkdepend python-psutil, also disabled lldb testsLone_Wolf
2020-01-26updated maintainer email addressLW-archlinux
2020-01-09disabled patch because it fails with latest trunk versionLW-archlinux
2019-11-18minor corrections related to python 3.8 and incorrect copy-pastingLW-archlinux
2019-11-18added llvm-ocaml-git to pkgname array so it does get build, updated ↵LW-archlinux
conflicts & provides
2019-11-13llvm-ocaml-git related correctionsLW-archlinux
2019-11-13ocaml support moved to its own sub-packageLW-archlinux
2019-11-02removed some obsolete linesLW-archlinux
2019-11-02updated patchLW-archlinux
2019-10-31added staticlibs to options fieldLW-archlinux
2019-10-31updated license fieldLW-archlinux
2019-09-19patch for building with gcc9 removed since it is now in masterLW-archlinux
2019-08-22patch added to work better with gcc 9, alos removed hardcoded version for ocamlLW-archlinux
2019-07-12switched to LLVM_ENABLE_PROJECTS, no more moving of sourcecode neededLW-archlinux
2019-07-11cleaned up providesLW-archlinux
2019-07-11running multiple tests in same ninja command sometimes caused hangs, ↵LW-archlinux
separated tests so each has their own ninja command
2019-06-04added provides to allow aur mesa-git to distinguish between this and ↵LW-archlinux
llvm-git from LH unoffical repo
2019-05-30corrected use of NINJAFLAGSLW-archlinux
2019-05-27users should validate NINJAFLAGS value, not PKGBUILDLW-archlinux
2019-05-27make sure python3 is used, even if python2 is presentLW-archlinux