AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-14moved spirv-llvm-translator to separate package, split clang & llvm filesLone_Wolf
2023-04-15split off clang runtime libsLone_Wolf
2023-04-15switched from ninja to makeLone_Wolf
2023-04-12cleaned up PKGBUILD, corrected minor errorsLone_Wolf
2023-03-21mesa-minimal-git is patched to work with curren tllvm trunk, reverts for now ...Lone_Wolf
2023-03-175 more revertsLone_Wolf
2023-03-14added new revertLone_Wolf
2023-03-11renumbered patches to reflect better when they were added, added 3 more patchesLone_Wolf
2023-03-04revert 2 more commitsLone_Wolf
2023-02-26revert another commit to keep mesa-minimal-git buildingLone_Wolf
2023-02-23revert commit b677d0753c0a771c6203607f5dbb56189193a14c , see https://gitlab.f...Lone_Wolf
2023-01-18cleaned up commentsLone_Wolf
2022-12-24introduce new env var LITFLAGS to reduce the number of workers during check()Lone_Wolf
2022-12-10switch to spirv-tools-git & spirv-headers-gitLone_Wolf
2022-11-16renamed llvm-spirv-translator-git to llvm-spirv-translator-minimal-gitLone_Wolf
2022-11-16move spirv-llvm-translator files to separate (split) packageLone_Wolf
2022-11-13add spirv-llvm-translator (needed for mesa-rustic1), also fail no longer duri...Lone_Wolf
2022-11-10added LLVM_ENABLE_DUMP=ON as preparation for using rusticl in mesaLone_Wolf
2022-11-02remove -D LLVM_INCLUDE_GO_TESTS=OFF , see
2021-10-05added clang library needed for opencl to llvm-libs-minimal-gitLone_Wolf
2021-06-24move more files from usr/libexec to usr/lib/clangLone_Wolf
2021-04-07upstream reverted llvm-shlib: Create object libraries for each component, pat...Lone_Wolf
2021-04-04revert upstream commit 43ceb74eb1a5801662419fb66a6bf0d5414f1ec5 as it breaks ...Lone_Wolf
2020-12-07removed documentation , examples , benchmarks etc to make this more minimalLone_Wolf
2020-10-25no longer remove code parts in prepare functionLone_Wolf
2020-08-21cleaned up dependenciesLone_Wolf
2020-06-08changed check() function so it does not build all tests, also adjusted PKGBUI...Lone_Wolf
2020-04-30removed PYTHON_EXECUTABLE as python3 is now preferred versionLone_Wolf
2020-04-21improve compatibility with llvm10Lone_Wolf
2020-04-21build clang dynamicallyLone_Wolf
2020-04-21cleaned up build optionsLone_Wolf
2020-04-14remove flang project code from src folderLone_Wolf
2020-04-05updated providesLone_Wolf
2020-03-19changed cmake options to get tests building during check() instead of build()Lone_Wolf
2020-01-26updated maintainer email addressLW-archlinux
2019-10-31added staticlibs to options fieldLW-archlinux
2019-10-31updated license field, removed patchLW-archlinux
2019-09-19removed patch for building with gcc9 as that code is now in masterLW-archlinux
2019-09-02cleaned up provides & replacesLW-archlinux
2019-08-21added patch to solve compiling with gcc 9, see
2019-06-19use install for llvm-config.hLW-archlinux
2019-05-30corrected use of NINJAFLAGSLW-archlinux
2019-05-27users should validate NINJAFLAGS value, not PKGBUILDLW-archlinux
2019-05-25corrected providesLW-archlinux
2019-05-24integrated compiler-rt-minimal-git & clang-minimal-git in this pacakge, also ...LW-archlinux
2019-05-14initial uploadLW-archlinux