AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-07-16bash arraysTyler Port
2017-07-15provides svn versions of llvmTyler Port
2017-07-14add thisTyler Port
2017-07-14switch back to make for time beingTyler Port
2017-07-12finally it buildsTyler Port
2017-07-12more work to make ninja work, no pgo for nowTyler Port
2017-07-11huhTyler Port
2017-07-10switch to ninja and use pgo stage2Tyler Port
2017-07-10try to fix broken cmakeTyler Port
2017-07-10start switching to ninja and use pgoTyler Port
2017-07-10add lldbTyler Port
2017-07-10rename package use pkgver() functionTyler Port