AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-20Update to version 0.10.4-betaDavid Parrish
2020-06-13Update to version 0.10.1-betaDavid Parrish
2020-05-01Update to version 0.10.0-betaDavid Parrish
2020-03-09Remove git make dependencyDavid Parrish
2020-03-09Update .SRCINFODavid Parrish
2020-03-09Apply some shellcheck suggestionsDavid Parrish
2020-03-09Remove debug lineDavid Parrish
2020-03-09Use .tar.gz archive instead of git tagDavid Parrish
2020-03-09Make pkgname a string (not an array)David Parrish
2020-03-09Update to version 0.9.1-betaDavid Parrish
2020-01-25Update to version 0.9David Parrish
2019-11-24Update to version 0.8.1-betaDavid Parrish
2019-10-19Update to version v0.8.0-betaDavid Parrish
2019-07-31Update version to 0.7.1-betaDavid Parrish
2019-07-03Update to version 0.7.0-betaDavid Parrish
2019-05-10Update to version 0.6.1-betaDavid Parrish
2019-04-25Update to version 0.6.0-betaDavid Parrish
2019-03-26Update to version 0.5.2-betaDavid Parrish
2018-12-04Update version. Remove dep command.David Parrish
2018-11-26Update version to 0.5.1-beta-rc1David Parrish
2018-10-23Update version to 0.5-betaDavid Parrish
2018-09-12Spelling againDavid Parrish
2018-09-12Fix spelling in descriptionDavid Parrish
2018-09-12Update version to 0.5-beta-rc2David Parrish
2018-07-20Initial commitDavid Parrish