AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-07-12Update to v0.3.3pixl
2023-05-19Update to v0.3.2pixl
2023-05-08Use /usr instead of /usr/localpixl
2023-05-04Use updated v0.3.1 tagpixl
2023-05-04Use standard conventions for CMake PKGBUILDspixl
2023-05-02Update .SRCINFO for v0.3.0pixl
2023-05-02Update to v0.3.0 and add glib2 dependencypixl
2022-06-16change versioning scheme to include version infoKristóf Marussy
2021-02-02Add systemd as a dependencyKristóf Marussy
2020-07-18Remove libhidpp-pixlone-git dependencyKristóf Marussy
2020-04-02Add libhidpp-pixlone-git dependencyKristóf Marussy
2020-04-02Initialize git submodulesKristóf Marussy
2019-11-02Initial commitKristóf Marussy