AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 daysFix linking to the desktop fileMartin Rys
12 daysAdd missing onetbb to makedependsMartin Rys
2023-05-13Update patch file against actual upstream commitMartin Rys
2023-05-13Bump to 0.19.1/0.19.4Martin Rys
2022-11-15Remove yarn build line and dependency, app moved to QtMartin Rys
2022-11-07Bump to 0.18.6Martin Rys
2022-11-07Bump to 0.18.2Martin Rys
2021-06-15bump to 0.16.1[0.16.3]Martin Rys
2021-04-07add a desktop entryMartin Rys
2021-04-05Disable update checkMartin Rys
2021-04-04bump to 0.16.0 + fixesMartin Rys
2019-10-23Initial commit.gargan