AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-07-16update .SRCINFORuss Webber
2023-07-16update to 2.13.5Russ Webber
2023-07-16update to 2.13.5Russ Webber
2021-10-11Update to 2.13.0Homalozoa
2019-10-22Update to 2.11.0Philippe Proulx
2018-09-03update to 2.10.5Christoph Gysin
2017-09-15update pkgrelChristoph Gysin
2017-09-15depend on lttng-ust with same minor versionChristoph Gysin
2017-09-06update to 2.10.1Christoph Gysin
2017-05-23Add --sysconfdir=/etc to read config. from /etc, not /usr/etcPhilippe Proulx
2017-05-23Update to 2.9.4Philippe Proulx
2017-02-06update to 2.9.3Christoph Gysin
2016-12-01Update to 2.9.0Philippe Proulx
2016-10-31Update to 2.8.2Philippe Proulx
2016-09-29update to 2.8.1Christoph Gysin
2016-09-29remove libtool optionChristoph Gysin
2016-05-27Update to 2.8.0Philippe Proulx
2016-05-14update to 2.7.2Christoph Gysin
2016-01-16update to 2.7.1Christoph Gysin
2015-10-23update to 2.7.0Christoph Gysin
2015-08-27initial commitChristoph Gysin