AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-28Remove gitignore, not part of Arch packaging guidelinesCaleb Maclennan
2024-03-26Fix nvchecker file locationCaleb Maclennan
2024-03-25Setup nvcheckerCaleb Maclennan
2022-04-16upgpkg: lua-cldr-git 0.2.0.r0.g51e4760-2Caleb Maclennan
2022-04-16upgpkg: lua-cldr-git 0.1.0.r21.gfc7d81d-1Caleb Maclennan
2022-04-16upgpkg: lua-cldr-git 0.1.0.r15.g253f8d5-1Caleb Maclennan
2020-10-21upgpkg: lua-cldr-git 0.0.0.r8.g0972094-1Caleb Maclennan
2020-08-06upgpkg: lua-cldr-git 0.0.0.r6.g090ce28-4Caleb Maclennan
2020-05-13Add missing provides for stable package namesCaleb Maclennan
2020-05-13Cleanup URLs, upstream tagging format is migrating to 'v' prefixCaleb Maclennan
2020-05-13Fix bogus git URLCaleb Maclennan
2020-05-13Overhaul Lua dependencies for clean buildsCaleb Maclennan
2020-02-12Cleanup bash shell quoting using shellhardenCaleb Maclennan
2020-02-06Fix Lua packaging to not re-download sourcesCaleb Maclennan
2020-02-06Match conflicts to Lua versions, fix URLCaleb Maclennan
2020-02-06Split packaging for Lua versionsCaleb Maclennan
2019-10-12Document conflicts with non VCS packageCaleb Maclennan
2019-10-12Add initial PKGBUILDCaleb Maclennan