AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-06upgpkg: lua-posix-git 33.4.0.r172.g1ff80ab-1Caleb Maclennan
2020-03-01Remove package debug leftover accidentally commited to PKGBULIDCaleb Maclennan
2020-03-01Normalize .gitignore fileCaleb Maclennan
2020-03-01Split into Lua 5.[123] packages, use upstream rockspec to buildCaleb Maclennan
2020-03-01Adopt, add missing dependency, normalize version schemeCaleb Maclennan
2018-05-11The build system has changed.Eric Berquist
2016-09-16Added gitignore.Eric Berquist
2015-09-17Make the package independent of the Lua version.Eric Berquist
2015-06-09initial versionStefan Husmann