AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-12-24updpkgverSolomon Choina
2022-04-19updating pkgver and other such changesSolomon Choina
2019-01-21released a proper versioning scheme therefore we need to make a epoch for upd...Solomon Choina
2018-04-23updating pkgverSolomon Choina
2018-03-06updating pkgverSolomon Choina
2017-12-04pkgver updateSolomon Choina
2017-10-16update pkgverSolomon Choina
2017-08-24changing the url and addingSolomon Choina
2017-08-11Fix namcap errorAidan Holm
2017-08-11upstream fixed testsSolomon Choina
2017-08-10adding a checkdependSolomon Choina
2017-08-10making check workSolomon Choina
2017-08-10Luakit 2017.08.10 released!Aidan Holm
2017-07-26Luakit 2017.07.26 released!Aidan Holm
2017-07-24Update upstream URL, description, and versionAidan Holm
2017-07-14Update versionAidan Holm
2017-06-22Remove unnecessary sed in prepare()Aidan Holm
2017-06-15removing the backup's because the /etc/xdg/ files are changing and are unstableErik Dubois
2017-06-15Add pkg-config to makedependsAidan Holm
2017-06-12re-enable check once the tests are working againErik Dubois
2017-06-12initial check versionErik Dubois
2017-06-11changing branchErik Dubois
2017-05-02remove !makeflags from optionsAidan Holm
2017-04-24mostly test failuresErik Dubois
2017-04-24updatingErik Dubois
2017-04-24updatingErik Dubois
2017-02-16adding luajit?solaraquarion
2017-02-15removing unneeded stuff, or should the joke be removing passwordsolaraquarion
2017-02-14removing help2mansolaraquarion
2017-02-14doing a fix for luakit.sosolaraquarion
2017-02-14welcoming a new webkit2solaraquarion
2017-02-14welcoming a new webkitsolaraquarion
2017-02-14welcome to 2017 part 4solaraquarion
2017-02-14welcome to 2017 part 3solaraquarion
2017-02-14welcome to 2017 part 2solaraquarion
2017-02-14initial commitsolaraquarion