AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-03-05pkgbuild: add source checksumsKoopa
2022-03-05meta: add .gitignoreKoopa
2022-03-04pkgbuild: bump versionKoopa
2022-03-04pkgbuild: use single quotes where applicableKoopa
2022-03-04pkgbuild: fix optdepends nameKoopa
2022-03-04pkgbuild: update pathsKoopa
2022-03-04pkgbuild: tie to specific linux SHAKoopa
2020-09-26Add another ShellCheck disable.Koopa
2020-09-26Simplify script body.Koopa
2020-09-26Add icoutils optdep.Koopa
2020-09-26Clean up ShellCheck usage.Koopa
2020-09-26Update maintainer email.Koopa
2020-09-07Bump mod launcher version.Koopa
2020-09-07Get rid of SHAR launcher.Koopa
2020-09-07Add temporary fix for using GitLab's master archive.Koopa
2020-07-04Fix formatting, update Linux launcher name.Koopa
2020-03-10Bump version to 1.13.10.Koopa
2019-11-19Bump version to 1.23.9.Koopa
2019-10-13Bump version to 1.23.7.Koopa
2019-10-13Add package version to upstream ZIP.Koopa
2019-08-29Update repository URL.Koopa
2019-08-26Bump version to 1.23.3.Koopa
2019-07-30Remove Wine Mono as a dependency, because this needs to use Microsoft's imple...Koopa
2019-07-29Bump version to 1.23.2.Koopa
2019-06-30Update to 1.23.3.Koopa
2019-04-11Remove hack directory, add DLL directory, and bump version to 1.19.Koopa
2018-11-30Bump version to 1.19.CodingKoopa
2018-11-30Update for new download location for tools.CodingKoopa
2018-07-03Bump version to 1.18.CodingKoopa
2018-06-20Added back needed dependency, and fixed GitHub URL typo.CodingKoopa
2018-05-16Bumped version, and removed uneeded deps.CodingKoopa
2018-05-05Bumped version to 1.17.1CodingKoopa
2017-12-21Bumped to version 1.16.3.TheKoopaKingdom
2017-12-17Bumped package release.TheKoopaKingdom
2017-12-17Added diffent image size code back in.TheKoopaKingdom
2017-12-15Moved assets to separate repo, on GitHub. Bumped package release and updated ...TheKoopaKingdom
2017-12-15Updated PKGBUILD comments.TheKoopaKingdom
2017-12-15Changed architecture to 64 bit and 32 bit because this package will not work ...TheKoopaKingdom
2017-12-15Initial commit 🎉.TheKoopaKingdom