AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-27updated lcengine version in source scripts accordinglyValerii Huz
2019-01-28updated for new lcengine versionValerii Huz
2018-11-28changed pkgbuild to reflect recent source changesValeriy Huz
2018-09-04removed unneeded depValeriy Huz
2018-03-21LCEngine got renamed.Valeriy Huz
2018-02-26Added new dependency.Valeriy Huz
2018-02-26Added new dependency.Valeriy Huz
2017-11-06Updated .SRCINFO to reflect recent changesValeriy Huz
2017-11-06Changed upstream URL and GIT links.Valeriy Huz
2017-08-13Added quotes to srcdir.Valeriy Huz
2017-08-13Initial commitValeriy Huz