AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-31Update to version 2.1.2Corey Hinshaw
2022-01-31Update hook to use Type = PathCorey Hinshaw
2020-03-09Update to v2.1.1Corey Hinshaw
2020-03-07Update to v2.1.0Corey Hinshaw
2019-10-12Update to version 2.0.1Corey Hinshaw
2019-09-18Update to v2.0.0Corey Hinshaw
2019-05-01Update to 1.1.1Corey Hinshaw
2019-05-01Update to 1.1.0Corey Hinshaw
2019-01-30Update to 1.0.1Corey Hinshaw
2018-12-01Update to version 1.0.0Corey Hinshaw
2018-11-30Update to 0.7.0Corey Hinshaw
2018-11-29Make pacman hook compatible with Manjaro and rEFIndCorey Hinshaw
2018-11-12Update to 0.6.0Corey Hinshaw
2018-10-10Update to v0.5.0Corey Hinshaw
2018-10-04Update to v0.4.0Corey Hinshaw
2018-10-03Update to v0.3.0Corey Hinshaw
2018-10-03Update to v0.2.2Corey Hinshaw
2018-10-03Update to v0.2.1Corey Hinshaw
2018-10-01Typo in pacman hookCorey Hinshaw
2018-10-01Initial commitCorey Hinshaw