AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-01-04CleanupBruno Miguel Fernandes Silva
2022-01-04CleanupBruno Miguel Fernandes Silva
2020-03-20Bump to r3584Bruno Miguel Fernandes Silva
2019-12-18Bump to 2.3.0beta1.r3250Bruno Miguel Fernandes Silva
2019-08-02Bump to 2.3.0beta1.r3021Bruno Miguel Fernandes Silva
2019-06-27Bump to latest versionBruno Miguel Fernandes Silva
2019-01-25Bump to 2.3.0beta1.r2021Bruno Miguel Fernandes Silva
2018-10-16Bump to 2.3.0beta1.r1689Bruno Silva
2018-06-14Bump to 2.3.0beta1.r1302Bruno Silva
2018-04-27Bump to 2.3.0beta1.r1116Bruno Silva
2018-03-05Bump to 2.3.0beta1.r913Bruno Silva
2018-02-19Bump to 2.3.0beta1.r809Bruno Silva
2018-02-07Bump to 2.3.0beta1.r747Bruno Silva
2018-02-06Bump to 2.3.0beta1.r745Bruno Silva
2018-01-24Bump to 2.3.0beta1.r682Bruno Silva
2018-01-11Bump to 2.3.0beta1.r614Bruno Silva
2018-01-082.3.0beta1.r604Bruno Silva
2018-01-02Bump to 2.3.0beta1.r578 and compilation speed optimizationBruno Silva
2017-12-28Bump to 2.3.0beta1.r535Bruno Silva
2017-12-04Bump to 2.3.0beta1.r379Bruno Silva
2017-11-29Bump to 2.3.0beta1.r359 and disable enchant due to upstream bugBruno Silva
2017-10-31Bump to 2.3.0beta1.r241Bruno Silva
2017-10-26Bump to 2.3.0beta1.r223Bruno Silva
2017-10-16Bump to 2.3.0beta1Bruno Silva
2017-09-08Bump to 2.3.0beta1.r58Bruno Silva
2017-09-04Bump to 2.3.0beta1.r54Bruno Silva
2017-08-22Bump to 2.3.0beta1.r13Bruno Silva
2017-08-21Bump to 2.3.0beta1.r10Bruno Silva
2017-07-25Bump to 2.3.0alpha1.r403Bruno Silva
2017-07-10Bump to 2.3.0alpha1.r338Bruno Silva
2017-06-24Bump to 2.3.0alpha1.r307 and PKGBUILD cleanupBruno Silva
2017-06-12Bump to 2.3.0alpha1.r275Bruno Silva
2017-06-05Bump to 2.3.0alpha1.r217Bruno Silva
2017-05-29Bump to 2.3.0alpha1.r193Bruno Silva
2017-05-03Bump to 2.3.0alpha1.r44Bruno Silva
2017-04-24Bump to 2.3.0alpha1.r3Bruno Silva
2017-04-18Bump to 2.2.0.r1811Bruno Silva
2017-04-07Bump to 2.2.0.r1736Bruno Silva
2017-04-05Bump to 2.2.0.r1722Bruno Silva
2017-03-15Bump to 2.2.0.r1631Bruno Silva
2017-03-07Bump to 2.2.0.r1577Bruno Silva
2017-02-27Bump to 2.2.0.r1531Bruno Silva
2017-02-20Bump to 2.2.0.r1494Bruno Silva
2017-02-15Bump to 2.2.0.r1471Bruno Silva
2017-02-13Bump to 2.2.0.r1465Bruno Silva
2017-02-01Bump to 2.2.0.r1430Bruno Silva
2017-01-30Bump to 2.2.0.r1422Bruno Silva
2017-01-17Bump to 2.2.0.r1382Bruno Silva
2016-12-14Bump to 2.2.0.r1133Bruno Silva
2016-12-12Bump to 2.2.0.r1121Bruno Silva