AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-08-15Update to version 13.2doragasu
2023-05-02Update to version 13.1doragasu
2022-08-26Update to version 12.2doragasu
2021-10-09Update to version 11.2.0doragasu
2021-01-11Do not provide gcc-bootstrapdoragasu
2021-01-08Update to version 10.2.0.doragasu
2020-05-24Add m68k-elf-newlib as a makedepend and optdependdoragasu
2020-05-23Update to version 10.1.0doragasu
2020-04-24Update to version 9.3.0doragasu
2019-11-08Update to version 9.2.0Jesus Alonso
2019-06-17Update to version 9.1.0Jesus Alonso
2019-03-11Updated GCC to version 8.3Jesus Alonso
2019-02-18Worked around compilation bug with isl 0.20Jesus Alonso
2019-01-26Updated to use PGP keysdoragasu
2018-08-18Updated to version 8.2.0doragasu
2018-05-12Updated version to 8.1doragasu
2018-04-03Updated gcc to version 7.3.0doragasu
2017-10-27Initial commit.doragasu