AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-24fix sumHLFH
2023-05-16adding former contributorHLFH
2023-05-16add .SRCINFOHLFH
2023-05-16Monkey's Audio updated to 10.11HLFH
2022-12-11Update SDK to 9.04vsibille
2022-12-10Update SDK to 9.03vsibille
2022-12-04Update SDK to 9.02vsibille
2022-12-03Update SDK to 9.01vsibille
2022-12-02Update SDK to 9.00vsibille
2022-11-30Update SDK to 8.99vsibille
2022-11-28Update SDK to 8.98vsibille
2022-11-10Update SDK to 8.97vsibille
2022-11-03Update SDK to 8.96vsibille
2022-10-28Update pkgrel due to new script update methodvsibille
2022-10-28Rely on source/link to check if the package needs to be updatedvsibille
2022-10-28Update SDK to 8.95vsibille
2022-10-28Update SDK to 8.95vsibille
2022-10-28Udate pkgrel to force updatevsibille
2022-10-28Remove trailing spacevsibille
2022-10-28Update SDK to 8.95vsibille
2022-10-28Update to minor release SDK4 because it trumped other linksvsibille
2022-10-28Update .SRCINFOvsibille
2022-10-28Bump pkgrel to force updatevsibille
2022-10-28Update to version minor release 8.94.3 since 8.94(.1) got trumpedvsibille
2022-10-28Update SDK to 8.94vsibille
2022-10-27Update SDK to 8.93vsibille
2022-10-07Update SDK to 8.92vsibille
2022-09-29Update SDK to 8.90vsibille
2022-09-18Update SDK to 8.81vsibille
2022-09-11Update SDK to 8.70vsibille
2022-09-11Update .SRCINFO for Matt's reckless file changevsibille
2022-09-11Force update because Matt Ashland recklessly changed the archivevsibille
2022-09-11Update SDK to 8.69vsibille
2022-09-10Update SDK to 8.69vsibille
2022-09-09Update checkum manually because the archive got changed silentlyvsibille
2022-09-08Update SDK to 8.68vsibille
2022-09-07Update SDK to 8.67vsibille
2022-09-05Update SDK to 8.64vsibille
2022-09-05Update SDK to 8.63vsibille
2022-08-31Update SDK to 8.62vsibille
2022-08-31Update SDK to 8.61vsibille
2022-08-30Update SDK to 8.60vsibille
2022-08-29Update SDK to 8.57vsibille
2022-08-26Update SDK to 8.56vsibille
2022-08-25Update SDK to 8.54vsibille
2022-08-22Update SDK to 8.53vsibille
2022-08-14Update SDK to 8.51vsibille
2022-08-14Update SDK to 8.50vsibille
2022-08-11Update SDK to 8.43vsibille
2022-08-10Update SDK to 8.42vsibille