AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-06fix build against >=linux-5.18.1Christoph Gysin
2021-09-13Bump pkgrelChristoph Gysin
2021-09-13Fix build against linux-5.14Christoph Gysin
2021-07-22Update SRCINFOChristoph Gysin
2021-07-22Fetch commits as patchChristoph Gysin
2021-07-22Fix build against >=linux-5.13Christoph Gysin
2021-05-24Fix build against >=linux-5.9Christoph Gysin
2018-11-30update srcinfoChristoph Gysin
2018-11-30update to 0+git.190Christoph Gysin
2018-08-11Update to 0+git.163Andrey Melentyev
2018-07-07Switch to the fork of the driver by roadrunner2Andrey Melentyev
2017-05-03update to 0+git.39Christoph Gysin
2017-04-27update iso_layout patchChristoph Gysin
2017-04-26remove makefile patchChristoph Gysin
2017-04-24fix makefile to use correct kernel versionChristoph Gysin
2017-04-19include patch for ISO layoutChristoph Gysin
2017-04-19initial commitChristoph Gysin