AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-13Bump to version 6.1.8grtcdr
2022-10-24Remove commas from arch arraygrtcdr
2022-10-24Bump pkgrelgrtcdr
2022-10-23Add ARM arch into Macchina AURWesley Viana
2022-09-27Bump to v6.1.6grtcdr
2022-09-18Bump to v6.1.5grtcdr
2022-09-17Bump to v6.1.4grtcdr
2022-09-16Bump to v6.1.2grtcdr
2022-02-08build: bump to v6.0.6grtcdr
2022-01-05build: bump to v6.0.5grtcdr
2022-01-03build: bump to v6.0.3grtcdr
2021-12-15bump to v6.0.1 (adds manpages and themes in /usr/share)grtcdr
2021-11-12bump to v5.0.5grtcdr
2021-11-12bump to v5.0.4grtcdr
2021-11-12bump to v5.0.4grtcdr
2021-11-05bump to v5.0.3grtcdr
2021-11-01bump to v5.0.2grtcdr
2021-11-01Bump to v5.0.1grtcdr
2021-10-27bump to v4.0.1grtcdr
2021-10-22Bump to v3.0.0, codename "Nickel"grtcdr
2021-10-18bump to v2.0grtcdr
2021-10-07Bump to v1.1.8grtcdr
2021-09-20Update SHASUMgrtcdr
2021-09-20Update to v1.1.6grtcdr
2021-06-08Update to version 0.9.2grtcdr
2021-05-17Update to version 0.8.1grtcdr
2021-05-05New features & bugfixesgrtcdr
2021-04-30Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2021-04-300.7.2: custom ASCII art, bug fixes and performance improvementsgrtcdr
2021-04-300.7.2: custom ASCII art, bug fixes and performance improvementsgrtcdr
2021-04-22Bug fixesgrtcdr
2021-04-20Cobalt: features, bug fixes and more!grtcdr
2021-04-18do not use targetdirgrtcdr
2021-04-15New features, tweaks and bug fixesgrtcdr
2021-04-08New CPU Usage Statisticgrtcdr
2021-04-07OpenWrt Supportgrtcdr
2021-04-06Fix a formatting issue affecting product infogrtcdr
2021-04-05Use the latest version of libmacchina, v0.1.7.grtcdr
2021-04-02Fix a bug where --hide behaves like --show-onlygrtcdr
2021-03-23Add ASCII art, a TUI, local IP address entry and moregrtcdr
2021-03-16Improvements, optimizations and bug fixesgrtcdr
2021-03-13macos support, bug fixes and performance improvementsgrtcdr
2021-03-11bug fixesgrtcdr
2021-03-10merge a bug fix and update docsgrtcdr
2021-03-08small tweaks and changes + update docsgrtcdr
2021-03-07no more "cat" or "which" callsgrtcdr
2021-03-05Full NetBSD support and bug fixesgrtcdr
2021-03-04fix: wm and de being reported as the same valuesgrtcdr
2021-03-03bug fixes and better support for NetBSDgrtcdr
2021-03-03correction: bump version number from 0.4.1 to 0.4.2grtcdr