AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-02-05Update to 3.4.2Dylan Delgado
2022-11-12Update to 3.4.1Dylan Delgado
2022-05-31Update to 3.4.0, drops python2 supportDylan Delgado
2022-03-29Update to 3.3.2Dylan Delgado
2021-04-05Update maintainer and PKGBUILD sourceSoc Virnyl S. Estela
2021-04-05Update patchSoc Virnyl S. Estela
2021-04-05Update shasumsSoc Virnyl S. Estela
2021-04-05Update PKGBUILD and patchesSoc Virnyl S. Estela
2020-02-11Update to v2.7.0JP-Ellis
2019-07-15Remove tcsh dependencyJP-Ellis
2019-07-15Update to v2.6.6JP-Ellis
2019-03-04Update to v2.6.5JP-Ellis
2019-01-15Update to v2.6.4JP-Ellis
2018-06-26Update to v2.6.3.2JP-Ellis
2018-05-31Update to v2.6.2JP-Ellis
2017-11-30Update to v2.6.0JP-Ellis
2017-06-08Update to v2.5.5.JP-Ellis
2017-04-03Update to 2.5.4.JP-Ellis
2017-03-17Upgrade to 2.5.3JP-Ellis
2017-02-27Add madanalysis5 as an optional dependencyJP-Ellis
2017-02-14Major rework of PKGBUILDJP-Ellis
2017-02-09Update ReadmeJP-Ellis
2017-01-25Update to MadGraph 2.5.2JP-Ellis
2017-01-25Fix minor typos in PKGBUILDJP-Ellis
2016-09-29Fix `root_path`.JP-Ellis
2016-05-30Initial commit.JP-Ellis