AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-03package updateLuis Martinez
2022-01-29add provides/conflictsLuis Martinez
2022-01-29package cleanupLuis Martinez
2021-05-21Version bumpBatuhan Başerdem
2021-02-04Switched to develop branch; as it's the default.Batuhan Başerdem
2021-02-04Fixed version infoBatuhan Başerdem
2021-01-30Updating to most recent versionBatuhan Başerdem
2020-07-12Brought package up to dateBatuhan Başerdem
2020-04-07Fixed bad referancesBatuhan Baserdem
2020-04-07Removed version constraint on AUR only packageBatuhan Baserdem
2020-04-07Fixed checksumBatuhan Baserdem
2020-04-07Cleaned old files; and modified package to be up to dateBatuhan Baserdem
2020-02-06Bumped build numberBatuhan Baserdem
2020-02-06Changed systemd unit filesBatuhan Baserdem
2020-02-05Removed versioning from python-rubicon cause it could not read the git packag...Batuhan Başerdem
2020-02-05Updated versioningBatuhan Başerdem
2020-02-05Updated dependencies to version 0.52Batuhan Başerdem
2020-01-28Fixed a typo in PKGBUILDBatuhan Baserdem
2020-01-28Added systemd unitsBatuhan Baserdem
2020-01-15Updated requirementsBatuhan Baserdem
2019-11-11Changed sed line for easy reading, and fixed the path for icon.Batuhan Baserdem
2019-08-29Bumped back version numberBatuhan Başerdem
2019-08-29Fixed the launcher pointing to old GUI executableBatuhan Başerdem
2019-08-27Bumped version number and regenerated .SRCINFOBatuhan Başerdem
2019-07-30Initial commitBatuhan Başerdem