AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 daysUpdated to version 1.7.3Jeremy Gust
2023-05-16Updated to version 1.7.2 -Removed CHANGELOG that only pointed to the project ...Jeremy Gust
2023-03-22update to 1.7.1Luis Martinez
2022-06-23add qt6-svg depLuis Martinez
2022-06-03update to 1.6.3Luis Martinez
2022-05-02update to 1.6.2Luis Martinez
2022-03-28update to 1.6.1Luis Martinez
2022-03-20update to 1.6.0Luis Martinez
2022-02-24use python-installer for packagingLuis Martinez
2022-01-29update to 1.5.3Luis Martinez
2021-11-27update to 1.5.2Luis Martinez
2021-10-22update to 1.5.1Luis Martinez
2021-05-21Real version bump to dev version; as the latest releaseBatuhan Başerdem
2021-05-21Version bumpBatuhan Başerdem
2021-02-04Removed version req to prevent block of maestral-gitBatuhan Başerdem
2021-01-06Version bumpBatuhan Başerdem
2020-11-20Version bump.Batuhan Başerdem
2020-10-26Version bumpBatuhan Başerdem
2020-06-16Version bumpBatuhan Başerdem
2020-05-06Version bump to v1.0.0Batuhan Başerdem
2020-05-03Version bumpBatuhan Başerdem
2020-04-22Fixed the directories in build scriptBatuhan Baserdem
2020-04-22Initial commitBatuhan Baserdem