AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 daysUpdating to 1.13.1Mandeep Sangwan
12 daysUpdating to 1.12.0Mandeep Sangwan
2023-07-29Updating to 1.11.0Mandeep Sangwan
2023-01-03Updating the package to 1.10.8Mandeep Sangwan
2022-11-23Updating the package to 1.10.7Mandeep Sangwan
2022-11-12Updating the package to 1.10.6Mandeep Sangwan
2022-08-10update package to 1.10.5Eric S. Londres
2022-08-09update package to v1.10.4Eric S. Londres
2022-04-19Updating the package to 1.10.3Mandeep Sangwan
2022-03-30update to 1.10.2Mandeep Sangwan
2022-03-22Updating the commentMandeep Sangwan
2022-03-22Added zenity as the optional dependencyMandeep Sangwan
2022-03-12update srcinfoEric S. Londres
2022-03-12bump pkgrelEric S. Londres
2022-03-12exclude verbose output from extraction commandEric S. Londres
2022-03-12Clean up indentation in PKGBUILDEric S. Londres
2022-03-12update package to 1.10.1Eric S. Londres
2022-03-061.10.0-3: add optdepends for appmenu-gtk-moduleEric S. Londres
2022-02-28fix sha256 error caused by github HTTP 3xx responseEric S. Londres
2022-02-28update to mailspring 1.10Eric S. Londres
2021-09-29Updating the package for Coreutils 9.0-1Mandeep Sangwan
2021-09-16update package to 1.9.2Eric S. Londres
2021-04-28update PKGBUILD for version 1.9.1Eric S. Londres
2021-04-28update SRCINFOEric S. Londres
2021-01-23update package to version 1.8.0Eric S. Londres
2020-05-25update srcinfo to 1.7.8Eric S. Londres
2020-05-25update pkgbuild to new versionEric S. Londres
2020-05-21Updated to version 1.7.7Eric S. Londres
2020-05-14update maintainers/contributorsEric S. Londres
2020-05-14Update to 1.7.6Eric S. Londres
2020-04-17Update to 1.7.5Joakim Nylén
2020-03-21Bump versionJoakim Nylén
2020-01-03Removing myself from maintainership.Dhananjay Balan
2019-10-22Update to version 1.7.2Joakim Nylen
2019-10-15Update to version 1.7.1Joakim Nylen
2019-07-02Up pkg verJoakim Nylén
2019-06-181.6.2Joakim Nylén
2019-04-06Update to 1.6.1Joakim Nylén
2019-03-18Update to 1.6.0 and add my name back to the maintainer list as it was removed.Joakim Nylén
2019-02-27Updated to 1.5.7-1Rashintha
2019-02-12Updated to 1.5.6Rashintha
2019-01-06Updated to v1.5.5Rashintha
2018-11-30Add optional dependency: libappindicator-gtk3Dhananjay Balan
2018-11-26Bump to 1.5.3 and adopt packageDhananjay Balan
2018-11-09Update version to 1.5.2Joakim Nylen
2018-10-27Update to 1.5.1Joakim Nylén
2018-10-23It requires gtk3Joakim Nylén
2018-10-23Update to 1.5.0Joakim Nylén
2018-08-16Update to 1.4.2Joakim Nylén
2018-08-10Update to 1.4.0Joakim Nylén