AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-19Update to 0.14.0Conrad Hoffmann
2023-10-25Update to 0.12.0Conrad Hoffmann
2023-05-16Update to version 0.10.0Conrad Hoffmann
2023-04-13Update to version 0.9.0Conrad Hoffmann
2023-04-13Update to version 0.8.0Conrad Hoffmann
2023-04-01Update to version 0.7.3Conrad Hoffmann
2023-03-31Update to version 0.7.2Conrad Hoffmann
2023-03-31Update to version 0.7.1Conrad Hoffmann
2023-03-31Update to version 0.7.0Conrad Hoffmann
2023-03-20Update to version 0.6.0Conrad Hoffmann
2023-03-15Update to version 0.5.1Conrad Hoffmann
2023-02-28Update to version 0.4.0Conrad Hoffmann
2022-10-20Update to version 0.3.0Conrad Hoffmann
2022-09-19Drop git from makedependsConrad Hoffmann
2022-09-19Release v0.2.0Conrad Hoffmann