AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-13Fixed issue due to manager website changes.jgmdev
2019-05-15Removed unzip and gcc from make dependencies.jgmdev
2019-05-15Get program version from the ubuntu download page.jgmdev
2019-03-27Bump version.jgmdev
2018-12-10Dynamically get the manager-accounting source url from the download page.jgmdev
2018-10-19Updated download link of sqlite3.c.jgmdev
2018-10-15Added gcc to make depends.jgmdev
2018-06-12Updated version info.jgmdev
2018-04-05Updated dependencies and version.jgmdev
2018-04-04Fixed version retreival code.jgmdev
2017-12-11Added wget as makedepend.jgmdev
2017-12-10Updated version.jgmdev
2017-09-02New mechanism to retrieve the actual download file and version.jgmdev
2017-07-27Updated .SRCINFO.jgmdev
2017-07-27Manager zip file now bundles the application files in .xz instead of .gz so a...jgmdev
2017-04-18Modify needed files path without using a patch.jgmdev
2017-01-31Added manual compilation of the sqlite3 dependency required by manager.jgmdev
2016-12-09Added reference to web resource that explains the extraction of libe_sqlite.sojgmdev
2016-12-09Execute ManagerServer.exe on prepare() in order to extract the proper libe_sq...jgmdev
2016-10-11Version Bump.jgmdev
2016-10-06Bumped package version.jgmdev
2016-09-20Fixed automatic update of pkgver and updated to latest manager version.jgmdev
2016-09-17Upgraded the package to get manager-accounting version from the extracted .ds...jgmdev
2015-11-24Version bumpfrancoism90
2015-11-10Update to 15.6.54-1francoism90
2015-11-04Update to 15.6.31-1francoism90
2015-10-27Update to 15.6.19-1francoism90
2015-10-21Update to 15.6.3-1francoism90
2015-10-09Update to 15.5.86-1francoism90
2015-10-07Update to 15.5.85-2francoism90
2015-10-07Update to 15.5.85-2francoism90
2015-10-07Update to 15.5.85-1francoism90
2015-10-05Update to 15.5.82-2francoism90
2015-10-05Update to 15.5.82-1francoism90
2015-09-29Update to 15.5.68francoism90
2015-09-17Initial importfrancoism90
2015-09-16Update to 15.5.41francoism90
2015-09-15Update to 15.5.40francoism90
2015-09-15Initial importfrancoism90