AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-12up to 2.17John Gleezowood
2019-03-01up to 2.16John Gleezowood
2018-11-19up to 2.15John Gleezowood
2018-07-10update to 2.14John Gleezowood
2018-04-262.13-2John Gleezowood
2018-01-09updated to 2.12-1John Gleezowood
2017-05-022.11 releaseJohn Gleezowood
2017-03-12update to 2.10John Gleezowood
2016-11-23('x86_64' 'i686') instead of ('any')John Gleezowood
2016-11-17up to 2.09-3John Gleezowood
2016-06-13update to 2.07.1John Gleezowood
2015-08-03A nasty typomadotsuki
2015-08-03Fixed /usr/share directoriesmadotsuki
2015-08-03Installation directory changemadotsuki
2015-08-03Turns out there's a github repo for this.madotsuki
2015-08-03Download name fixed, didn't know you could do that...madotsuki
2015-08-03Initial importmadotsuki