AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-27updated to 2.4.1Xunhua Guo
2019-02-28updated to 2.4.0Xunhua Guo
2019-01-09changed description and removed "replaces mysql-jdbc"Xunhua Guo
2019-01-09changed description and removed "replaces mysql-jdbc"Xunhua Guo
2018-09-11re-packaged for 2.3.0Xunhua Guo
2018-09-11updated to 2.3.0Xunhua Guo
2018-08-10updated to 2.2.6Xunhua Guo
2018-06-20switched to SHA for checksumsXunhua Guo
2018-06-19updated to 2.2.5Xunhua Guo
2018-03-21updated to 2.2.3Xunhua Guo
2017-12-13updated to 2.2.0Xunhua Guo
2017-10-07updated to 2.1.2Xunhua Guo
2017-09-20updated to 2.1.1Xunhua Guo
2017-08-04updated to 2.1.0Xunhua Guo
2017-07-16updated to 2.0.3Xunhua Guo
2017-06-24updated to 2.0.2Xunhua Guo
2017-03-21updated to 1.5.9Xunhua Guo
2017-03-06updated to 1.5.8Xunhua Guo
2016-11-30updated to 1.5.5Xunhua Guo
2016-09-02updated to 1.5.2 stableXunhua Guo
2016-08-24updated to 1.5.1-RCXunhua Guo
2016-06-21updated to 1.4.6Xunhua Guo
2016-05-28updated to 1.4.5Xunhua Guo
2016-05-15update to 1.4.4Xunhua Guo
2016-01-15remove conflict with mysql-jdbcXunhua Guo
2016-01-14update to 1.3.4Xunhua Guo
2015-12-18Update to 1.3.3Xunhua Guo
2015-11-17Update to 1.3.0Xunhua Guo
2015-10-21Update to 1.2.3Xunhua Guo
2015-08-26Update to 1.2.0Xunhua Guo
2015-07-16minor fixXunhua Guo
2015-07-16Update to 1.1.9Xunhua Guo
2015-07-16Initial importXunhua Guo