AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-01-25Upstream update to 5.3.00Doug Newgard
2018-12-18Upstream update to 5.2.20Doug Newgard
2018-12-05Upstream update to 5.2.11Doug Newgard
2018-12-04Upstream update to 5.2.08Doug Newgard
2018-11-22Upstream update to 5.2.00Doug Newgard
2018-10-22Upstream update to 5.1.68Doug Newgard
2018-10-07Upstream update to 5.1.60Doug Newgard
2018-09-17Upstream update to 5.1.42Doug Newgard
2018-08-27Upstream update to 5.1.36Doug Newgard
2018-08-23Upstream update to 5.1.30Doug Newgard
2018-08-09Upstream update to 5.1.12Doug Newgard
2018-08-05Upstream update to 5.1.00Doug Newgard
2018-07-10Upstream update to 5.0.36Doug Newgard
2018-07-03Upstream update to 5.0.32Doug Newgard
2018-06-29Upstream update to 5.0.30Doug Newgard
2018-06-24Upstream update to 5.0.28Doug Newgard
2018-06-19Upstream update to 5.0.25Doug Newgard
2018-06-11Upstream update to 5.0.23Doug Newgard
2018-05-29Upstream update to 5.0.15Doug Newgard
2018-05-28Upstream update to 5.0.12Doug Newgard
2018-05-26Bump to 5.0.08Doug Newgard
2018-05-20Upstream update to 5.0.03Doug Newgard
2018-05-16Add new depsDoug Newgard
2018-05-16Upstream update to 5.0.02Doug Newgard
2018-03-21Upstream update to 4.3.89Doug Newgard
2018-01-27Upstream update to 4.3.82Doug Newgard
2018-01-24Upstream update to 4.3.80Doug Newgard
2017-10-03Upstream update to 4.3.61Doug Newgard
2017-09-18Upstream update to 4.3.50Doug Newgard
2017-09-07Upstream update to 4.3.10Doug Newgard
2017-09-04Upstream update to 4.3.00Doug Newgard
2017-07-24Upstream update to 4.2.70Doug Newgard
2017-07-20Upstream update to 4.2.68Doug Newgard
2017-07-11Upstream update to 4.2.63Doug Newgard
2017-07-07Upstream update to 4.2.60Doug Newgard
2017-06-29Upstream update to 4.2.30Doug Newgard
2017-06-14Bump to 4.2.12Doug Newgard
2017-06-14Bump to 4.2.10Doug Newgard
2017-06-13Bump to 4.2.02Doug Newgard
2017-04-11Bump to 4.1.30Doug Newgard
2017-04-08Bump to 4.1.22Doug Newgard
2017-03-30Bump to 4.1.01Doug Newgard
2017-03-15Upstream re-released 4.0.60Doug Newgard
2017-02-23Bump to 4.0.60Doug Newgard
2017-02-13Non-recursive depsDoug Newgard
2017-02-09Bump to 4.0.40Doug Newgard
2017-01-25Use upstream checksums and only require deps at install timeDoug Newgard
2017-01-25Update to V4 and Qt5Doug Newgard
2016-12-05adopt masterpdfeditorJiachen Yang
2016-05-20cleanupArthur Zamarin