AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-11-09Updated to version 5.9.10Patrick Goetz
2022-11-01Updated to 5.9.06Patrick Goetz
2022-07-09Updated to version 5.8.70Patrick Goetz
2022-06-24Updated to version 5.8.65Patrick Goetz
2022-06-16New version of masterpdfeditor: 5.8.63Patrick Goetz
2022-05-03Updated to version 5.8.52Patrick Goetz
2022-04-12Updated to version 5.8.49Patrick Goetz
2022-04-06Added qt5-declarative as a dependency, since this appears to be necessary and...Patrick Goetz
2022-04-03Upgrade to version 5.8.46Patrick Goetz
2022-01-22New bug fix version of masterpdfeditor 5.8.33Patrick Goetz