AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-02-04Updated to version 5.7.20Patrick Goetz
2021-01-27Update to version 5.7.10Patrick Goetz
2021-01-20Update from 5.7.00 to 5.7.08Patrick Goetz
2021-01-18re-cloned git repo to fix previous errorsPatrick Goetz
2021-01-18Update masterpdfeditor to version 5.7.00Patrick Goetz
2020-11-25Updated to version 5.6.80 and added now missing masterpdfeditor5.desktop filePatrick Goetz
2020-09-16Updated to version 5.6.49Patrick Goetz
2020-08-19New version of masterpdfeditor: 5.6.42Patrick Goetz
2020-07-31Update to 5.6.29 version of masterpdfeditorPatrick Goetz
2020-07-12Forgot to update .SRCINFO in the last commitPatrick Goetz