AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-02-04Added new dependecies for latest applet versionsRobin Thompson
2017-03-23Now builds the Gtk3 version of the applet (MATE 1.18 onwards is GTK3 only). A...Robin
2016-09-01updated pkgver, fixed pkgver() to get latest version, fixed errors caused by ...Robin Thompson
2016-02-14updated build instructionsRobin Thompson
2016-01-08Update to V0.66Robin Thompson
2015-11-16added autoreconf to build instructions so that updates to applet version numb...Robin Thompson
2015-11-16Corrected python-gobject dependencyRobin Thompson
2015-11-16Added python-gobject2 as a dependencyRobin Thompson
2015-07-18further commit for python-cairoRobin Thompson
2015-07-18added python-cairo as a dependencyRobin Thompson
2015-07-02added python-xdg as a dependencyRobin Thompson
2015-06-22Initial import from AUR3Robin Thompson