AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-31Bump to 1.100.0Ivan Shapovalov
2024-01-27Update .install as wellIvan Shapovalov
2024-01-27Bump to 1.99.0; update url= and license=, sync to [extra]Ivan Shapovalov
2023-12-15Relax version requirements for setuptools_rustIvan Shapovalov
2023-12-14Bump to 1.98.0; update upstream and licenseIvan Shapovalov
2023-10-10Bump to 1.94.0, drop PR #16332 (merged upstream)Ivan Shapovalov
2023-09-27Bump to 1.93.0, apply PR #16332 to support pydantic>=2.0.0Ivan Shapovalov
2023-06-07Bump to 1.85.0, generalize poetry-core requirements patchIvan Shapovalov
2023-04-22Bump to 1.81.0, python-frozendict -> python-immutabledictIvan Shapovalov
2023-04-22Do not fail in a non-clean build treeIvan Shapovalov
2023-03-17Update to 1.79.0, resync against community/matrix-synapse and upstream pyproj...Ivan Shapovalov
2023-02-09Bump to 1.76.0, update patch to relax poetry-core requirementsIvan Shapovalov
2022-10-18Bump to 1.69.0, backport patch to relax poetry-core requirementsIvan Shapovalov
2022-10-05Bump to 1.68.0, hack up build process for the Rust extensionIvan Shapovalov
2022-05-21Resync install script with community/matrix-synapseIvan Shapovalov
2022-05-21Forward port to new build process, resync dependencies with upstreamIvan Shapovalov
2022-02-26Bump to 1.53.0; drop obsolete patchIvan Shapovalov
2022-01-24Bump to 1.51.0; add python-matrix-common; revert frozendict pin (irrelevant o...Ivan Shapovalov
2021-11-23Bump to 1.47.1Ivan Shapovalov
2021-10-19Bump to 1.45.0, resync with community packageIvan Shapovalov
2021-06-03Bump to 1.35.0Ivan Shapovalov
2020-11-28synapse.service: don't refer to python3.7, minor cleanupsIvan Shapovalov
2020-10-03Bump; resync with and reformat dependenciesIvan Shapovalov
2020-06-16Revert "LOCAL: use master branch"Ivan Shapovalov
2020-06-04Bump; update {opt,check}depends; allow using prometheus_client==0.8.0Ivan Shapovalov
2020-06-04LOCAL: use master branchIvan Shapovalov
2020-05-27Use https for the upstream repo URLIvan Shapovalov
2019-10-02Bump, add python-typing-extensions dependencyIvan Shapovalov
2019-08-10Bump; resync with inside source treeIvan Shapovalov
2019-07-24Add (forgotten) python-sdnotify dependencyIvan Shapovalov
2019-07-24BumpIvan Shapovalov
2019-07-24Update synapse.service with upstream changesIvan Shapovalov
2019-07-24Drop 0001-Bump-python_dependencies.patchIvan Shapovalov
2019-06-25Bump; update patchesIvan Shapovalov
2019-06-12Bump; update checkdependsIvan Shapovalov
2019-06-07Bump; update patchesIvan Shapovalov
2019-05-15Bump pkgrelIvan Shapovalov
2019-05-15Update patchesIvan Shapovalov
2019-03-26Bump; sync with community/matrix-synapseIvan Shapovalov
2019-01-19Update deps list & rebase patchesIvan Shapovalov
2019-01-12Bump; sync to official package (use python3)Ivan Shapovalov
2018-07-07Bump; add python2-netaddr dependency.Ivan Shapovalov
2018-06-01Bump; add python2-prometheus_client dependency.Ivan Shapovalov
2018-05-17Bump; add python2-jinja dependency.Ivan Shapovalov
2018-04-13Bump; add python2-sortedcontainers dependency.Ivan Shapovalov
2018-03-01Bump, remove obsolete patch.Ivan Shapovalov
2017-08-25Bump; add python2-affinity dependency.Ivan Shapovalov
2017-08-15Bump, python2-py-bcrypt => python2-bcrypt, sync with [community]Ivan Shapovalov
2017-04-03Bump, refresh dependencies.Ivan Shapovalov
2017-03-21Bump; add python2-phonenumbers and python2-lxml dependencies.Ivan Shapovalov