AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-12update to latest versionJoakim Repomaa
2020-11-05update to 0.20.2Joakim Repomaa
2020-09-21update to 0.20.0Joakim Repomaa
2020-06-20update srcinfoJoakim Repomaa
2020-06-20update to 0.19.4 and support armv7hJoakim Repomaa
2019-10-31get dependencies during prepare()Joakim Repomaa
2019-05-21update to 0.19.2Joakim Reinert
2019-03-28update to 0.19.1Joakim Reinert
2019-03-28add package files to gitignoreJoakim Reinert
2018-11-14update to v0.18.4Joakim Reinert
2018-03-20Initial commitJoakim Reinert