AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-26upgpkg: mattermost-desktop 4.6.1-1Caleb Maclennan
2020-10-20upgpkg: mattermost-desktop 4.6.0-1Caleb Maclennan
2020-08-25upgpkg: mattermost-desktop 4.5.3-1Caleb Maclennan
2020-07-21upgpkg: mattermost-desktop 4.5.2-1Caleb Maclennan
2020-07-17upgpkg: mattermost-desktop 4.5.1-1Caleb Maclennan
2020-06-16upgpkg: mattermost-desktop 4.5.0-1Caleb Maclennan
2020-06-01upgpkg: mattermost-desktop 4.4.2-2Caleb Maclennan
2020-05-11upgpkg: mattermost-desktop 4.4.2-1Caleb Maclennan
2020-04-22upgpkg: mattermost-desktop 4.4.1-1Caleb Maclennan
2020-04-01Commit file belonging to previous version updateCaleb Maclennan
2020-04-01Use latest available Electron (currently 8), seems to work fineCaleb Maclennan
2020-04-01Fix wrapper script to use Electron 6Caleb Maclennan
2020-04-01Move to Electron 6 (as per upstream)Caleb Maclennan
2020-04-01Normalize .gitignore fileCaleb Maclennan
2020-04-01Normalize shell quoting using `shellharden`Caleb Maclennan
2020-04-01Adopt, bump to 4.4.0Caleb Maclennan
2019-12-02Reduce build timeWilliam Gathoye
2019-12-02Prepare work for using system spellcheck insteadWilliam Gathoye
2019-11-30Remove unneeded electron stuffWilliam Gathoye
2019-11-30Bind to system electronWilliam Gathoye
2019-11-30Upgrade to 4.3.2William Gathoye
2019-10-24Upgrade to 4.3.1William Gathoye
2019-10-19Upgrade to 4.3.0William Gathoye
2019-09-26Upgrade to 4.2.3William Gathoye
2019-07-17Switched dependency to electron4Massimiliano Torromeo
2019-04-29Upgrade to 4.2.1William Gathoye
2018-11-29Upgrade to 4.2.0William Gathoye
2018-07-03Correct PKGBUILD against given guidelinesWilliam Gathoye
2018-05-26v4.1.2; add option to pass commandline options to lancherAleksandar Trifunovic
2018-05-20simlify sed commands and push v4.1.1Aleksandar Trifunovic
2018-05-20update to 4.1.1 and repackage to use electron shared libraryAleksandar Trifunovic
2018-04-19v4.0.1Aleksandar Trifunovic
2017-09-05Forgot SRCINFOWilliam Gathoye
2017-09-05Upgrade to 3.7.1William Gathoye
2017-05-17Update to 3.7William Gathoye
2017-05-01Reduce build timeWilliam Gathoye
2017-03-02Update to 3.6William Gathoye
2017-01-24Fix dependencies and reduce build timeWilliam Gathoye
2016-12-24fix generating icon in prepare stepJohn Was
2016-12-15updated to 3.5.0John Was
2016-12-15updated to 3.5.0John Was
2016-10-10updated to 3.4.1John Was
2016-09-27updated to 3.4.0John Was
2016-07-17updated to 1.3.0 and fixed license fileJohn Was
2016-07-17updated to 1.3.0 and fixed license fileJohn Was
2016-06-02updated to 1.2.1John Was
2016-05-19update to v1.2.0John Was
2016-05-19update to v1.2.0John Was
2016-04-23updated SRCINFOJohn Was
2016-04-22updated to v1.1.1 and fixed dependenciesJohn Was