AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-04-02update to 0.4.1noobping
2023-02-02Remove workaround for bug FS#76326nick
2023-01-29update to 0.4.0nick
2022-11-11Apply workaround for bug FS#76326nick
2022-11-03remove version pinning in that is done upstreamnick
2022-11-03remove the version pinningnick
2022-10-20use pkgname varnick
2022-10-16remove post_upgrade in .installnick
2022-10-16fix: Failed to create tempfile to write updated config to disknick
2022-10-16backup config and create install filenick
2022-10-14satcom886 contributor (old maintainer)nick
2022-10-14Update to v0.3.1 and fix dependenciesnick
2020-07-28Fixed the systemd unitsatcom886
2020-07-28Initial commitsatcom886