AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-12-26Install LICENSE file, grammarRobert Zhou
2023-12-25Account for pkgdir with spacesRobert Zhou
2023-11-22Update to 2024.2, clarify dependenciesRobert Zhou
2023-08-31Add optional dependency on opencl-driverRobert Zhou
2023-05-22Update to 2024.1Robert Zhou
2023-04-10Update maya.install to query adsklicensing versionRobert Zhou
2023-03-29Allow newer versions of adsklicensingRobert Zhou
2023-03-29Forgot to update maya.install, sorry!Robert Zhou
2023-03-29Update to 2024.0Robert Zhou
2023-03-02libtiff compatibility was broken- depend on libtiff5Robert Zhou
2022-12-18Update to 2023.3Robert Zhou
2022-10-02Update to 2023.2, remove deleted dependentsRobert Zhou
2022-07-02Add libtiff-maya-git as an optional dependencyRobert Zhou
2022-06-28Add application home workaround patchWilliam Tang
2022-06-19Remove .install file from sources per wiki guidelines and ensure the licensin...Robert Zhou
2022-06-19Update to 2023.1William Tang
2022-04-08Update to Maya 2023.0Robert Zhou
2021-06-24Update version to 2022.0William Tang
2020-12-13Update version to 2020.4William Tang
2020-11-19Rewrite PKGBUILD & update version to 2020.3William Tang
2020-06-04Updated to version 2020Ilya Chelyadin
2017-06-26Update to update 4Luca Weiss
2017-05-13Install maya setup into the filesystemLuca Weiss
2017-05-13update .srcinfoLuca Weiss
2017-05-13Update to 2017_UPDATE_3, fix most of openssl 1.0Luca Weiss
2016-11-26Reorganize & update to 2017Kyle De'Vir
2016-07-26Fix installaquarius
2016-07-25Fix pre installaquarius
2016-07-25Fix installaquarius
2016-07-25Fix dependsaquarius
2016-07-25initial commitaquarius