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2022-09-01Update to v9.4.2.Gokberk Yaltirakli
The package is installed manually because the Arch poetry package is currently broken. // TODO: Change back to regular installer.
2022-05-02Change to the new repo and update to v9.0.4.Gokberk Yaltirakli
The original URL ( now points to So we are updating the PKGBUILD to pull code from there as well.
2021-12-17Update to v7Gokberk Yaltirakli
2021-06-046.0.0-1Stephanie Wilde-Hobbs
2021-05-015.2.0-1Stephanie Wilde-Hobbs
2021-04-115.1.4-1Stephanie Wilde-Hobbs
2021-03-305.1.2Stephanie Wilde-Hobbs
2021-01-255.1.1-1Stephanie Wilde-Hobbs
2020-11-014.1.0-2Stephanie Wilde-Hobbs
Seems someone re-tagged under the same name...
2020-10-304.1.0-1Stephanie Wilde-Hobbs
2020-08-094.0.0-1Stephanie Wilde-Hobbs
2020-05-133.1.1-1Stephanie Wilde-Hobbs
2020-05-073.1.0-1Stephanie Wilde-Hobbs
2019-02-19Update srcinfoRX14