AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-10Remove 'mdadm' prefix from version tagCode Bling
2020-10-10Udpate package descriptionCode Bling
2020-10-10Add "provides" field to fix dependency-checkingCode Bling
2020-10-10Change package name to indicate upstreamCode Bling
2020-10-10Indicate 'conflicts' with mdadm packageCode Bling
2020-10-10Append -git to package name, use _pkgname for everything elseCode Bling
2020-10-10Update package versionCode Bling
2020-10-10Add pkgver()Code Bling
2020-10-10Add .gitignoreCode Bling
2020-10-10Don't backport patchesCode Bling
2020-10-10Use latest head/masterCode Bling
2020-10-10Initial commitCode Bling