AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-08-11Use symlinks instead of patching files (thanks @m3thodic)saruman9
2022-01-27Sync with upstream (c7694e490a716dc667657c406f61dd278652557f)saruman9
2021-01-18Use stable (or *-git) version of PLTablesaruman9
2020-05-27Fixes after 0d77851 commitsaruman9
2020-05-08Add python-pltable-git dependencesaruman9
2019-06-23Fix hashing error, correct db-location patchBailey Fox
2019-06-23Remove unused dependencies, fix version, correct db-location patch; Thanks to...Bailey Fox
2019-03-23Fix PKGBUILDBailey Fox
2019-03-19Revert "Fix versioning"Bailey Fox
2019-03-19Fix versioningBailey Fox
2019-03-19Fix versioningBailey Fox
2019-03-12Fix module extractingBailey Fox
2019-03-12Actually fix buildingBailey Fox
2019-03-12Fix sha256sum of db-location.patchBailey Fox
2019-03-12Fix maintainerBailey Fox
2019-03-12Update to work with latest upstream as of 2019-03-12Bailey Fox
2018-01-08Init commitGavin Lloyd