AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-06-09fix build against 4.6.x kernelOle Ernst
2016-04-29upgpkg: 20160430-1Ole Ernst
2016-04-15fix build against 4.5.x kernel, add support for S850Ole Ernst
2016-03-30only make target prepare is racyOle Ernst
2016-02-12fix build against 4.4.x kernel properlyOle Ernst
2016-02-12fix build against 4.4.x kernelOle Ernst
2016-01-19cgit patches aren't as static as hoped for, ship our own compatibility patchOle Ernst
2016-01-01fix build against 4.3.x kernelOle Ernst
2015-10-28upgpkg: 20151028-1Ole Ernst
2015-10-05enable rebuilding of modules without a rebootOle Ernst
2015-07-31fix build against 4.1.x kernel, cleanup cont'dOle Ernst
2015-07-19fix build against 4.1.x kernel, cleanupOle Ernst
2015-06-08migrate to aur4Ole Ernst