AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-05Add MEGA_PRE_START_SLEEPMatthias Van Gestel
2022-04-05Upgrade to v3.11.1Matthias Van Gestel
2021-05-04Update to v3.8.6Matthias Van Gestel
2020-03-21upgrade to 3.6.8: added sodium dependency (it is no longer possible to build ...archimede
2019-07-19upgrade to 3.6.0archimede
2019-03-24upgrade to 3.4.9archimede
2018-12-26update source filearchimede
2018-12-26upgraded to 3.4.4archimede
2018-08-12upgrade to 3.4.0archimede
2018-03-18upgrade to 3.3.3archimede
2018-02-11update versionarchimede
2018-02-11fix service file: the executable has changed location from /usr/local/bin to ...archimede
2018-02-11fix message in install filearchimede
2018-02-11update versionarchimede
2018-02-11make install in /lib and /bin, but pacman does not like that, as they are sym...archimede
2018-02-11upgrade to version 3.3.1, necessary after a linux arch full system upgrade. c...archimede
2017-11-10upgrade to version 3.2.4archimede
2017-11-10upgrade to version 3.2.0archimede
2017-11-10fix missing quotes in package() sectionarchimede
2017-11-10fix missing quote in install filearchimede
2017-08-28update SRCINFOarchimede
2017-08-28add user argument to service filearchimede
2017-08-28upgrade to v3.1.9, which resolves some compilation issues and crashes with re...archimede
2016-12-12fix package descriptionarchimede
2016-12-12fix provides directivearchimede
2016-12-11initial commitarchimede